Dear Mr. Donald Sterling, “DEAL WITH IT

Dear Mr. Donald Sterling,


I’m a product of the Rosa Parks and the Harriet Tubman’s
of this world.
So this here is something you have to deal with, along
with the black faces of my little boy and girls.

I know the thought of me makes your mind wander, and
the fact that i have smarts makes your bomb tick.
And i dont have to strap a bomb to me and blow myself up
to prove a point, cause even thru adversity I’m still the
bomb shit!!

I see racism is still alive, and to me that does’nt make any
That’s why my dream is to turn every black woman back to
a queen and the black man back to a prince.

Although our pearly gates have been turned into prison bars,
along with our golden roads being exchanged for prison yards.
If we ever want to reverse these conditions, then we must
first realize that the decision’s ours.

Now I’m not trying to be on some race shit, but better yet I
And whoever don’t like it, then i frankly don’t give a damn!!

I love how the spanish stand behind the spaniards and all of
the caucasians stand behind the whites.
So if you can’t see that I’m going to stand behind my black
people, then you must be losing your sight.

Many people died and walked for miles to set my people free,
so just know that I’m still with it!
The fact remains that we are here to stay, but it’s you who
has to DEAL WITH IT!!!

Sincerely yours,
Malcolm “Fox” Garrett jr.
[Political Activist/Spoken Word Poet]


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