Who knows the difference between a black woman and a bitch?
Well by the time that u get thru hearing this
You wont be confused about which is which.
I can start at the beginning of time
When even then a black woman’s beauth had a man’s mind twisted.
And u could scour the wntire Earth
And not even one bitch existed.
I’m talking about black women becoming queens
The moment they entered the door.
And the only bitched that were seen
Were the ones eating scraps off the kitchen floor.
A black woman led slaves out of slavery and on to freedom.
While a bitch has to wait on it’s master
Just for you to feed em.
A black woman holds the hightest respect at the highest degress.
Where as the highest respect that a bitch deserves
Doesnt even surpass their own “four feet”!
We all come from a black woman
Therefore we’re all one in the same.
So can someone tell me how is it
That we continue to confuse the name?
A bitch “roams” the earth
While a black woman walks with a stride.
A bitch is oblivious to what’s dignity.
While a black waman walks with pride.
A black waman gives birth to kings and queens
So consider us all lucky.
A bitch couldn’t do that
So whoever knew that
A bitch only gives birth to puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if u ever get concused
And don’t know which is which.
A black woman is the one who deserves respect to the highest degree
Therefore she could never be considered a bitch!
She’s a blessing in disguise, without a doubt
It’s been a long time coming.
So let’s give honor and praise
For all the days
That God has blessed this world with the presence of a strong  black woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is from the heart and i present this to my baby girl ,wifey, mother, sister, grandmother, aunties, cousins, and friends…………………………………….
I admit that i used this word too many times and i finally realize it aint right i have a daughter and she is no where near a  BITCH that girl is my PRINCESS  so today i vow not to use that word BITCH i ask those who cares to take the same vows there is NO SUCH THING AS A BAD BITCH UNLESS U CAN HAVE UP THE 12 PUPS AT ONE TIME just wanted u all know where i stand as a man a black man at that i want to apologize to all the women thats in my life and the ones i dont know  i love u all god bless each and every one of u”

Kenny Matthews


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