“Trayvon Martin: Was Justice Served? The judicial systems answer to violent crimes”

trayvonThe Trayvon Martin verdict was another tragic verdict in our one sided judicial system.
The one element of the case that struck a chord in me was, how could there be any type of justice with a jury of people who didnt not reflect the nationality of Trayvon?
Or those who could understand the plight of an African American.
You mean to tell me that they couldn’t have sought out to have a change in venue.
Which would have allowed for him to have a jury of his peers.
I was personally angered as a father of a little boy.
Regardless of the wonderful home environment that me and my wife have created for him.
He will still be treated like a second class citizen, totally depicted by the color of his skin.
You can proved a safe haven for your children to thrive until they leave that sanctity of your home.
At any given moment some wayward crazed individual could profile my child, then he might not be able to return back home.
We as African American are constantly forced to deal with or conform to society plights against us as a race.
Daily we strive as African American Men to provide healthier, stronger family environments for our children.
Everyday we are faced with a flashback of something tumultuous that happened back in slavery days to make a reappearance in 2013.
I pray for the strength of both of Trayvons parents his mother and father.
Only through the martyrdom of there child will some change prevail.
Only when there is a diverse number of judges, supreme court justices, legislatures will our views be rationalized.
Then it will be on an even playing ground.
Until you’ve walked in our shoes , others will never know how far we have yet to go.
We have to keep a firm grounding in our faith in a higher power in order to make it day to day.
God has  a plan and design for us all in this huge jigsaw puzzle of called life.

Carl Hairston #56774-019

Memphis Federal Correctional Facility


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