Finding My Independence on Independence Day Part 2

1002383_392997170806470_919396423_nPlaced in a dangerous and dysfunctional institution system, its very difficult to see the light of improving oneself  Yet it must be done!  with this time  I’ve learned adversity is the center of creation and creativity.  I’ve taken this time to become a better person , father, brother and son.  transforming my spiritual beliefs and addressing myself inwardly and not outwardly. God will pay for your time, it all comes down to what you do with that time.  Redounding as much as i can , increasing my vocabulary , studying the word of spiritual growth, studying history, and most importantly; learning how to Love. Many take this for granted and most men think this is a weakness vie utilized this time to learn the art of loving my family , true friends and my self. Every man needs encouragement, so i encourage every man “If u must play, decide on 3 things at the start the rules of the game the stakes and the quitting time”- chinese proverb All the exotic cars ,expensive jewelry expensive mansions and million of dollars can not replace this time of being apart from family and true friends Utilize you time to be smart and put ur efforts where it makes a big  difference. Bryan Killian #40352-039 Memphis Correctional Facility


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